A new approach to cooperation is needed: cooperation that leads to multiple solutions, designed for the operational context, including the most appropriate and adaptable technologies for different environments, with innovative economic and business models for production.
Progress cannot be considered as such if it is not shared: for this reason our technologies will be shared according to the ``OPEN-SOURCE`` logic.
Creating a circular economy will be the real added value of the processes developed especially in the countries of the southern hemisphere. In other words, it’s necessary to be aware of the fact that not only targeted and partial technical solutions are needed, but also complex and forthcoming scenarios capable of rethinking the culture of project and production. The environmental impact of any project becomes one of the essential requirements.
The DAFNAE, Department of Agronomy, Animals, Food, Natural Resources and Environment represents BLOOM PROJECT’s research center, for which it develops excellence research on innovative agricultural techniques. Its mission is to promote the quality of human life, the competitiveness of the agri-food sector and the sustainable use of natural, biotic and abiotic resources, through the production and dissemination of knowledge on the management and improvement of plants, animals, soil and microorganisms. The main innovative character of the cultural project of the department is to study the agri-food and environmental sector with a glocal approach, in order to consider and enhance the interconnections that exist within the individual supply chains and between the various production chains.
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Developing and supporting projects that are attentive to the growth of communities, in particular by promoting scientific and technological cooperation at the service of an autonomous and sustainable development of the cities and territories of the global village.
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